Sundar Optical Services

Sundar Eye Hospital has optical services available within the premises. We have more than three decades of insight and experience in helping patients find the right eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

We help you find the right frames and lens for yourself. We give individual attention to every patient in their search for the best eyewear. A certified optician will assist you throughout the process of choosing the best lens and frame options based on your prescription.

The best of multinational brands like Zeiss, Essilor, Rodenstock and Hoya are available with us.

What types of contact lenses do we offer?

We have the following types of contact lenses:

  • Daily disposables

  • Biweekly lenses

  • Monthly lenses

  • Quarterly t lenses

  • Regular lenses that are replaced yearly

  • Tinted or cosmetic lenses

What does the contact lens workup entail?

  • We measure the refractive error.

  • We assess the health of the eyes.

  • We decide on the type of lens that would suit both your lifestyle and your visual needs.

  • We provide a trial of the lenses to arrive at the best most comfortable fit.

  • We teach the patient how to insert, remove, clean, and maintain the lenses.

What should be your Wearing Schedule?

  • Be free of contact lenses when you’re awake, for 4 to 6 hours in a day and a day in a week.

  • Never sleep with contact lens as severe inflammation of the eye is possible.

  • Wash your hands before inserting and removing the lenses.

How can you care for eyes when you are a contact lens wearer?

  • Maintain good eye health.

  • Have regular eye examinations as advised.

  • Keep a pair of spectacles with you for when you’re not wearing lenses.

  • Remember to replace the lenses after the recommended number of days worn.

  • Wash your hands before inserting and removing the lenses.

If your eyes feel sore, gritty, or become red avoid wearing lens for a day and if the same persists please contact the doctor.