ZEISS IOLMaster is used for optical biometry. It is a piece of cutting-edge technology that helps you improve your refractive outcomes. The performance of a biometer is its performance in challenging ophthalmic conditions. In denser cataracts, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 yield a measurement success ratio that is up to 20% more than that of other optical biometry devices. It takes measurements along the visual axis, producing the relevant axial distance, in staphyloma, psuedophakic and silicon-filled eyes. It uses Haigis-L formula, thus helping treat myopic and hyperopic post-LVC cases. It is a great choice for cataract surgeons who want a reliable, easy and fast optical biometer for taking measurements. It comes with a well-designed user interface that allows surgeons to take distance-independent measurement and readings up to four times faster than other devices. Both the eyes can be measured in less than 60 seconds. ZEISS IOLMaster allows you to experience a different that is hard to go unnoticed.